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  • I haven't seen this 'corner' before! I am finally where I belong! ;D

    BTW, If you have any English questions, just ask! :)

  • Why do English drivers still drive on the left side while in most modern countries they drive on the right side? I think they neglect it just because it was introduced by the French.

    Gruß aus Wien, Thomas "Schlucki" Schluet

    In Memory of Big Basti, Didi, Stefan and Wolff, who had to leave far too early.

  • You know it dates from the middle-ages, so they could use their swords without chopping their own horses head off by accident? ;D

  • Well, yeah, I was thinking more language rather than English backwardness... anyway, the whole driving thing is a horse thing (getting on the horse from the left side while on the left side of the road, knights and swords etc.). In Sweden they drove on the left side until 1967, they still do in Japan, SA, Australia, ... (any others? sure but I can't remember -- clearly had too much Norwegian booze). So it was a left side thing at the beginning and I'm sure it was the Frenchies who were the weird ones and refused to do what us sensible Brits were doing. The Chinese decided to return to left side driving during the Cultural Revolution as they saw it as more "leftist" and also decided that the red of traffic lights meant a triumphant GO! and they ended up in total chaoes immediately. The logic just didn't sink in with all drivers at the same time.
    Well, they (we? I get confused) can only stick with the left side thing because the UK is an island and so there is no confusion on the borders. ;D

  • By the way ...

    It's three years too late! (2010-2013 makes 3 years, right?) ;D

    Better leave english to the ones who can speak and write properly ... :P

  • But in the UK they think already about a new law for the Future: They also want to drive on the "right Side"... To Test it, the Gouvernment send already the Truck- Drivers on "the other Side" 8) ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D......

  • Where's a will there's a way.

    Gruß aus Wien, Thomas "Schlucki" Schluet

    In Memory of Big Basti, Didi, Stefan and Wolff, who had to leave far too early.

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