Greetings from DownUnder

  • Big Hello from the Land of Oz (Australia),

    I have been riding motorcycles for the last 40 years and I have had a, Honda VT500E, Honda VF750S, VF1000F2 Bold'or. I have a Kawasaki GTR1000 and I am restoring a Honda CBR1000F 1989 at the moment. It was a bike I always admired when it first arrived and I found the fairing to be way ahead of its time. So, Looking forward to communicating with you guys and sharing info about the CBR and bikes in general. That's all from me, ride safe. :thumbsup:063

  • Welcome on the blue pages, refreshing to write here in english (German takes more effort, although I've been practising it here for some 15 years).

    Good luck with your resto, does it need much to make it presentable?

  • Thanks for the welcome guys. I studied German at school but use Google translate although with German it is not possible to translate word for word one must read the complete sentence to grasp the actual meaning. Anyway, we will be able to get along I am sure. For those that missed out above:

    Ich bin seit 40 Jahren Motorrad gefahren und hatte einen Honda VT500E, einen Honda VF750S, einen VF1000F2 Bold'or. Ich habe einen Kawasaki GTR1000 und restauriere gerade einen Honda CBR1000F 1989. Es war ein motorrad, das ich immer bewunderte, als es ankam, und ich fand, dass die Verkleidung ihrer Zeit weit voraus war. Ich freue mich darauf, mit euch zu kommunizieren und Informationen über die CBR und die Motorräder im Allgemeinen auszutauschen. Das ist alles von mir, fahr sicher.

    Danke für die willkommenen Jungs. Ich habe in der Schule Deutsch gelernt, benutze aber Google Übersetzer, obwohl es mit Deutsch nicht möglich ist, Wort für Wort zu übersetzen. Man muss den vollständigen Satz lesen, um die tatsächliche Bedeutung zu erfassen. Wie auch immer, wir werden sicher miteinander auskommen können, da bin ich mir sicher.

  • Regarding your question Rob, she needs a well doing over, she is at the mechanics to get her heart, lungs etc up to scratch. I have been working on the fairing the last month gluing tabs, filling in bits and sanding like crazy. I'll get there, organising new stickers, windshield etc. Should look alright once painted and ready to ride. Ride safe.

    In Bezug auf Ihre Frage, Rob, braucht sie eine gute Arbeit, sie ist bei den Mechanikern, um ihr Herz, ihre Lungen usw. auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen. Ich habe den letzten Monat an der Verkleidung gearbeitet, Laschen geklebt, Teile ausgefüllt und wie verrückt geschliffen. Ich werde dort ankommen und neue Aufkleber, Windschutzscheibe usw. organisieren. Sollte nach dem Lackieren gut aussehen und fahrbereit sein. Fahre sicher.:thumbsup:

  • Greetings to Down Under from "Good Old Germany"!

    I hope you'll have lots of fun with your Bike. It's my favourite one, because it's comfortable and fast and in my oppinion it's design is timeless.

  • Welcome!

    For sure you will have the longest distance / ride to one of our meetings, when they hopefully will take place during next year :rolleyes2:

    On the picture you posted (Honda CBR 8) the bike looks great, but as you stated, there is still some "interior work" to do.

    This forum has some real experts for most of your questions you may have (I'm not one of them!) and most likely you will get the right answers.

    Good luck for your task and also for you all the very best!

    (This was written with the knowledge of my English learned in school and practised partially on job, therefore it may contain mistakes and misspellings - but I hope, it is understandable) :ähm:

  • Hi bro, welcome to the blue pages.

    In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful bikes ever.

    She is worth every minute you spent restoring and of course riding.

    Good on you mate.

    For all the other crap happens rigt now.. head down, bump up and go through.:-)

    Take care

  • A warm Welcome from me as well:-)

    Have fun with your Bike and the restoration, but it looks already restored on the Picture :-)

    by the way..... nice Paint scheme :thumbsup:

    Gruß aus dem schönen Königswinter im Siebengebirge

    hinter den sieben Bergen, bei den sieben ............

    bleibt gesund !!!

    Michael :-)

  • A warm Welcome from me as well:-)

    Have fun with your Bike and the restoration, but it looks already restored on the Picture :-)

    by the way..... nice Paint scheme :thumbsup:

    Looks can be deceiving. She needs lots of work especially the fairing, lots of tabs broken....etc. Will get there eventually. Will be changing the color scheme to all blue.

  • Thanks to all for the warm welcome guys. Getting my Kawa ready for some nice rides seeing summer has just started here so looking forward to getting out of this lockdown we have had.

    Vielen Dank an alle für den herzlichen Empfang. Die Vorbereitung meines Kawa auf einige schöne Fahrten im Sommer hat gerade erst begonnen. Ich freue mich darauf, aus dieser Sperre herauszukommen, die wir hatten.

  • I was looking for a Kawasaki GTR1000 long time ago. Since when i was driving a Kawasaki Z 1100 ST back in the 80s. Somewhere in France i met a guy driving this brand new GTR while i had my Z. We compared those bikes very well. Finally for some aesthetics and even technically reasons i quit. I made up my mind never buying such a plastic bike. ;-)

    In 2018 the plastic devil returns. I got me a CBR 1000F. I still have it and it's fun to ride. But i'm still looking for a real naked bike. Because i love this kind of a real "clean machine". Maybe it's a philosophical question. Dealing with my Rock 'n' Roll Heart and Soul. :-D

    Anyway, head on with your Kawa and keep restoring the Honda CBR.


  • Hi Ralf, funny you should mention what you did, I am exactly the opposite I prefer fairing covered bikes rather than naked. On saying that, I do admire people who preserve these naked bikes, well that's how it all started really, bikes with the most simplest of controls, they also give you great access to the engine . Motorcycle racing then introduced fairings at some stage, this thought was then transferred to public road bikes to increase the sales and to also introduce a whole new era of bikes available to the public road user I dare say. Anyway, we all have our preferences what ever they may be, in the end we all have a connection with our two wheel companions.

    Hallo Ralf, lustig, du solltest erwähnen, was du getan hast. Ich bin genau das Gegenteil. Ich bevorzuge verkleidete Fahrräder anstatt nackt. Wenn ich das sage, bewundere ich Leute, die diese nackten Fahrräder bewahren. Nun, so hat alles angefangen, Fahrräder mit der einfachsten Steuerung, sie bieten Ihnen auch einen großartigen Zugang zum Motor. Der Motorradrennsport führte dann irgendwann Verkleidungen ein. Dieser Gedanke wurde dann auf öffentliche Rennräder übertragen, um den Absatz zu steigern und auch eine ganz neue Ära von Fahrrädern einzuführen, die dem öffentlichen Verkehrsteilnehmer zur Verfügung stehen, wage ich zu sagen. Wie auch immer, wir haben alle unsere Vorlieben, was auch immer sie sein mögen, am Ende haben wir alle eine Verbindung zu unseren Zweiradbegleitern.

  • You hit the nail on the head! :-D

    "in the end we all have a connection with our two wheel companions"

    Now as i know you prefer fairing covered bikes i don't want to annoy you anymore.

    I should mention what i did? Not very much. Born in 1961 got my driving licence in 1979. Felt in love with motorbikes. First intention was racing, second travelling. Now in the third and maybe last period of my life i try to reconcile both.

    I don't know very much about Australia. What i assume is depending of the typical roads in a country is reflecting the preferences. If you have those endless straight highways like in the USA , you'll never be happy with a naked bike.

    Anyway, we are looking for some fun and sugar in our life. As long as possible. Hey hey, my my, Rock and Roll can never die!